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Get Your Own Site Just Like This!

With YOUR Name and YOUR Contact Information

You can have your very own replicated version of this website to use for your Synergy business, with YOUR name, phone number, and links to your other Synergy websites.  We would like to give it away, but we have server costs, expensive software, development time, maintenance and support -- all of which cost money.  As you can tell from our prices, we are not doing this to get rich.  In fact we are not pricing this to make a profit.  Consider this more of a cooperative as our prices reflect our effort to provide an affordable site at a reasonable price we believe will help us pay the bills.  If you feel the price is too high please don't sign up because we don't want disappointed customers.  However if you do subscribe please know that we will continue to do our best to to make the site even more useful.

URNBIZ.com Synergy ProArgi9 Replicated Website
$99.97 Annual
Compare with sites costing more than $30/month



1.  Verify you have a working PayPal account. Log in at www.PayPal.com to create a PayPal account if you do not already have one, or to ensure you can sign in to your PayPal account and that your account is active.  Because the website is available on a "subscription" basis, payment can only be made through PayPal.

2. Ensure you have a Synergy Distributor ID. If you are not already a Synergy Distributor, JOIN here...

3. This website template works with several other Synergy websites.  Before proceeding, register with these websites, and make a note of the usercode you register with at each site:

4. Fill out the form below, then click submit.

5. You will be taken to a payment page where you can choose your method for payment.

6. You will receive an email with information about your website that you will want to save in case you wish to change your website customization in the future.

That's it - hopefully that was not too complicated.  If you were expecting more, sorry to disappoint you!

Fill out the following form to get your website.

Sponsor Information: Robert Hilke -- veryhealthyheart
* First Name: 
* Last Name: 
* Address: 
* City: 
* State: 
* Zip: 
* Country: 
* Home Phone: 
Recommend format like this: 860-646-3049 Home.
* Fax: 
Recommend format like this: 815-572-0405 Fax. This will print out on the Fax Cover Sheet found on each of the order form pages.
* Email: 
Check this carefully to be sure it is spelled correctly because your website cannot be created unless your email is a correct email format. Common mistakes include having extra spaces at the start or end or between words, or not having the @ sign or a correct extension at the end.
* MySynergy.net User ID: 
This is either one of the two user IDs you used at us.synergyworldwide.com to create your mysynergy.net websites.
* Argi9health.com User ID: 
This the user ID you used at argin9health.com to create your argi9health.com website.
* Presidentialuniversity.com User ID: 
This is the user ID you used at presidentialuniversity.com to create your miraclemolecule.com website.
* NoMoreCardiovascularDisease.com User ID: 
This is the user ID you used at nomorecardiovasculardisease.com to create your nomorecardiovasculardisease.com website.
* Choose a Username for Your Replicated Web Site:

Usernames are 4 to 14 characters long and can be any combination of digits (0 to 9) and/or letters (a to z) only. Usernames are all lowercase. Spaces, periods, forward slashes (/) and other characters are not allowed.
* Password: 

Passwords must be 6 to 12 characters long and can be any combination of digits (0 to 9) and/or letters (a to z) only. Passwords are all lowercase. Spaces, periods, forward slashes (/) and other characters are not allowed.

By Checking this Box, I hereby Agree to the Terms and Conditions.


  • BEFORE you press SUBMIT, be sure that you have a PayPal account and that you are able to log into it.  If you do not have a valid PayPal account set up first, then you may lose the information you typed in the website form.
  • The SUBMIT button will take you to PayPal.  You will need to enter the email address your PayPal account is registered with, as well as your PayPal account.
  • Once you arrive at PayPal, log in to your PayPal account and follow the instructions to make your payment.
  • Once Payment has been made, PayPal will provide a BUTTON that you must use to RETURN to our website.
  • Once you press the RETURN TO MERCHANT button, you might receive a pop-up notice informing you that you are moving away from PayPal to a non-secure page.  This is fine, so please acknowledge the informational pop-up in order to move on.
  • You will now be presented a page that is mostly white and which has a button in the TOP-LEFT which you must PRESS to create your website.  Your website will be immediately created at that point and you will be presented with a Thank You page that contains a link to your new website.  You will also receive an email with your website information.
  • A "Member Login" link to your website back office is found at the bottom of every page of the website.  You will need your user ID which is the user name you gave your website (for this website... http://urnbiz.com/yourname, the username is "yourname") and your password to enter the member area.  Once in the member area you can modify your custom fields and find resources to promote your website.
  • If there are any problems creating your website, please contact us for assistance.
About PayPal and Subscriptions:

In order to offer our services with an annual renewable subscription so we can keep your website membership active for you, we use PayPal.  You must have or create a PayPal account.  You can create a PayPal account with a credit card only if you prefer (i.e. it is not necessary to connect PayPal to your bank account).  You can log onto PayPal here to view or set up your account...

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