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  See what GONE customers say about this remarkable product.  Click on the names to read each testimonial.  NOTE: Entrenet is upgrading GONE to a capsule formula for even better assimilation, so all testimonials based on the original formula are removed, pending release of the new formula.  
  Kim - Travis - James - Mary - Harry - William - Marie - Myrna - Richard - Richard P - Barb - Sherry - Ann - Alan - Tom - Joanne - Vanessa  

Testimonials based on original GONE formula are removed because Entrenet is upgrading to a capsule formula for even better assimilation. Please check back soon for updates.

  Note: Testimonials represent the personal experience of the individual. We do not claim you will receive the same specific benefits as that of any other person. But the manufacturer will refund your money if you do not receive the satisfaction you seek. To date, no one has returned this product for a refund. We advise as with any dietary supplement change you consult with your doctor.  

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