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Entrenet has become instantly famous for GONE. But, for 15 years, Entrenet has been known for its fine line of Nutritional products, catering to Chiropractors, Naturopaths and other health professionals.  As an Entrenet member, you can order all Entrenet products direct from Entrenet.

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Momentum Grande


One serving will provide you with an immediate boost of ENERGY & APPETITE CONTROL

If you are fatigued, depressed, overweight or have brain fog, Momentum Grande is for you.

One serving will provide you with an immediate boost of energy and appetite control AND you will have sustained energy through out your day.

Entrenet Nutritionals is proud of our formula because it is well balanced, safe, effective and best of all – Easy to share with others with our sample pack program.

Momentum Grande – may help to enhance focus and endurance – control appetite and burn fat – exhibit antioxidant protection – body building and enhancing athletic performance – improve blood sugar levels.

Read what others are saying about this amazing product:

I LOVE-LOVE Momentum Grande. It is smoother than Xceledrene - Pete S. – Mt. Lebanon, Pa.

“We sat down to dinner and after only eating a little food, Cathy pushed away from the table and said she was satisfied. We both love the energy & appetite control” - Cathy & Cocky B. -Harrison, Arkansas

“I love Momentum Grande. I got a copy of my downline so I can tell everyone about this stuff. I got my house cleaned yesterday - 1st time in a long time that happened" - Mary F.., Rochester Illinois

“This is the best energy product I’ve ever used- better than original Momentum”
- Roger K., Alpena, Arkansas

“I’ve already lost weight & have lots of energy” - Marilyn S., Erie, Pa.

“We need to call this product THE MOTIVATOR – I love it!”
- Bud K., Beech Creek, Pa.

“Ok, you crazy people, I am flying around on only 1/2 of a capsule. It took about 45 min. for me to feel it.”
— Sue T. , Enon Valley, Pa.

“I did 3 days of work in day”
- Roger G., Sewickley, Pa.

“My 3 daughters and I all want a bottle asap—I feel great –not hungry all day-I lost 4 pounds the first 2 days”
- Celeste W., Verona, Pa.



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Aloe Juices

Scientists universally agree that retention of the higher molecular weight polysaccharides enhance the biological activity found in Aloe Vera Gel. In addition, the synergism so notably present in Aloe is allowed to achieve its highest potential in the 50,000 to 100,000 molecular weight range.

So, how is ACTIVE-ALOE the next generation of technologically advanced Aloe?

Retention of higher molecular weight polysaccharides
Modification of the natural polysaccharides to a medium weight that has more biological activity than Mother Nature's best
Total vertical synergism of science from our fields to your product and the proven ability to support your immediate needs in both quality and quantity.

Available in 5 delicious flavors:
- Strawberry/Kiwi
- Peach
- Cranberry
- Orange/Papaya
- Natural

Suggested Usage: 2-4 ounces daily.

(1/2 gallon bottle)



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Aloe Gel

Aloe Gel is a therapeutic healing agent for minor skin irritations, burns, abrasions, scratches, insect bites, minor wounds, sore-chaffed skin and challenged skin tissue.

Suggested Usage: Use as needed for rashes, insect bites and itching.

(8 oz. bottle)



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Purifying Cleanse

Two Stage Purifying Cleanse (whole body detox)

This complete Cleaning and Anti-Toxin System is a great way to begin a health program. It works in 2 stages just as the body's own cleansing and anti-toxin systems work.

In part one, a combination of herbs and trace minerals help the body filter out the toxins and waste products.

In part two, we use a combination of psyllium husk and apple fiber, which gently sweeps and cleanses the bowel. The fiber allows for a thorough cleanse without the discomfort of diarrhea. We then add a high potency NINE STRAIN acidophilus complex to aid in the establishment of healthy intestinal flora and tone the intestinal tract.

The trace minerals in our cleansing formula act as a catalyst for the herbs and help eliminate heavy metal toxicities. Best of all, it's completely natural, so you can cleanse your body without interrupting your life style.

Suggested Usage - Part 1: Adults take 4 tablets daily for 30 days or 6-8 tablets daily until bottle is finished. For best results, use daily with Part 2 of the cleansing system.
Suggested Usage - part 2: Adults mix 1 heaping teaspoon in a glass of juice or water once or twice daily. Stir and drink immediately or within 1-2 minutes. Always drink plenty of fluids when taking psyllium. For best results, use daily with Part 1 of the cleansing system.

(Part 1 = 120 tablet bottle, Part 2 = 75 oz. powder)


Entrenet has many more wonderful Natural Nutritional products. Keep in mind they have been serving the Health and Wellness community for more than 15 years!  See all their products...


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