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Is there an Opportunity with this?


It is Optional.  But, Why NOT?

Consider this...

The folks at the Entrenet home office did not see this coming. They knew through years of testing and research that GONE would be their golden product and their first to market product. But, who would believe that this best kept secret product in America would take away a nation's pain by working on just about everybody who tries it?

What kind of business opportunity are you looking for? Millions have been made with products that seem to work on about 20% or 30% of the people. Just imagine what kind of business you can generate with a product that works for just about everybody!

And, what better product or service to offer than to help people with something they suffer from every day of their life? Many people seek pain relief every day because they suffer. And who wouldn't want a natural nutrition approach to reduce their pain and inflammation rather than drugs that can cause side affects?

With Entrenet's customer referral program, every customer can also be a distributor by sharing this great product with their friends and loved ones.

Here are the basics for how it works...

  • Sign up as an Entrenet MEMBER.  You must do that to order GONE. Membership is absolutely FREE. You don't even need to order any products to be a Member.

  • Once a Member, you can order products whenever you like.  Being a Member is also essentially being a Distributor because members can sponsor other members.  And those members can sponsor other members.  That is how your business will grow.

  • The compensation plan is a binary model, so your customers will go in your RIGHT leg or in your LEFT leg. You will want some customers in both legs.  Your sponsor and those above will likely be placing people in one of your legs.  Ask your sponsor which leg you should sponsor your customers into and then set your "autoplacement" setting in your back office accordingly - that way whenever you have someone join they will go into the specified leg.

  • Commissions are paid weekly, based on the volume in your two legs.

  • Details are explained here...  Entrenet Revenue Sharing Plan

  • Compensation schedule is being upgraded to improve the financial benefits for those who share, including matching bonuses on personally sponsored distributors.

  • This is an EXCITING Compensation Plan and because this product is so good, it will likely make many people very wealthy.  We are at the beginning of this venture, so get started quickly and start sharing.

  • Getting started as a distributor is the same process as placing your first order, so simply click here and follow the ordering directions and you will be on the path to success!


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